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Alarm Systems
Almost all households have a smoke detector because it is a reliable, user-friendly, inexpensive, and easy to maintain tool to prevent fire incidents. It should be a necessity to every place where there is a risk, which is basically everywhere. These mechanisms detects smoke present in the air. They are found on the upper wall or ceiling which will catch rising smoke that prompts the alarm to produce very loud noise to warn the people inside.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance
Smoke alarms may be very reliable, but this doesn’t mean that we can expect them to effectively function without proper maintenance. We should take into consideration that these alarms are powered by batteries, which naturally run low and die. To find out if your alarm’s batteries are still in good condition, try this simple test: press the button that sounds the alarm located at the center of the alarm unit. If there is a delay in the alarm or the noise isn’t as loud and faints away faster than usual, this means that you have to replace the batteries. Perform this test every month. Alarm batteries should be changed twice a year to ensure that your alarm system operates as it should be, but there are brands that necessitate recharging more frequently.

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