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Alarm Systems
Your home isn’t the only place where you can have centralized alarm systems. Cars and alarm system manufacturers developed a technology that uses a combination of window, door, and pressure sensors, and motion detectors that comprise a single centralised car alarm system that can safeguard you against car thieves and other car damages.
Parts of a Car Alarm System
A car alarm system is usually powered by the battery of the car, but if you have a more sophisticated alarm system or your car has a smaller battery, you might need a power supply. Another vital part of a car alarm system is the central computer, which works the same way as the control panel of a home alarm system. It communicates with the sensors in all parts of the car, sounding the alarm if needed. This is usually found in the lower dashboard. The central computer also has the capacity to sort out actual danger from false alarms. The alarm system uses sensors to send a signal if there are unnecessary movement, pressure, or shock within the car. The receiver, on the other hand, picks up the signal from the remote control that is responsible for controlling the system. When the receiver detects a breach in security, the alarm system generates very loud siren-like noise and bright light to catch your or other people’s attention.
Parts of a Motorcycle Alarm System
Shock Sensors
Motorbikes are often parked along the street and its controls are very accessible. That is why a motorcycle alarm system includes a shock sensor which transmits a signal to an alarm box when the bike is rigged. This type of alarm also sports a tilt sensor or mercury balance sensor that sounds the alarm when the bike is tilted, most probably when somebody attempts to ride it. With the use of a remote receiver, you can trigger or switch off the alarm, and make necessary changes with it.

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