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We have listed some of the most reliable security companies and what products and services they offer to their clients.

AEI Security
DIY Home Alarm Specialists
Telephone: (01797) 226 122
Comments: Available from many outlets, AEI Security is a trusted name in home protection. They specialise in home and office security solutions, including a wireless burglar alarm kit that can be fitted on a DIY basis.
Car Security Specialists
Telephone: (01372) 847 120
Comments: Clifford are a trusted name in the car alarm market, and with good reason; with over 20 years' experience, they are one of the most venerable names in the field today. They do not offer DIY solutions; rather, Clifford deals directly with authorised dealerships that fit their alarms for them. Their website has a full list of these.
BT Home Security
Monitored Home Alarm
Telephone: 0870 240 1979
Comments: Many companies offer home monitoring alarm solutions, but for BT customers, getting a monitored alarm from them can be cost-effective and convenient. You can even check your alarm status online.
St John Home Security
Monitored and Non-Monitored Home Alarms
Telephone: 0845 1668 112
Comments: Offering all kinds of home alarm solutions, St John can give you a monitored alarm system that is supervised by security specialists Group 4.

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