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Nothing beats seeing what has happened or is presently happening, with your own eyes. With the use of hidden, visible, exterior, or interior cameras, you can watch and ensure the safety of your home, car, or office via closed-circuit television.

If you have exceptionally expensive jewelry in your house, an ultra-modern car with superb audio system resting in your garage, or very important documents in your office, you might want to invest in a very good security camera system. You can install hidden cameras in possible points of entry to record any activity within its reach. By simply popping a tape to a VCR and hooking it up with a TV, you can record overnight footages that you can review later on.

Cameras in plain sight have its advantages and disadvantages. Though visible cameras can perform similar tasks as hidden cameras, more practiced burglars can easily spot it and make an effort to destroy or dismember the camera. However, the idea that somebody is on watch may dissuade the criminals to forcefully enter or take your property. These cameras can be connected to a TV or VCR, and some more advanced brands even lets you pan and zoom the view, which is a great way to check on the outside of your home without putting yourself in danger by going out yourself.

These cameras come in with many different features, some can record in black and white or colour, which varies the price of these items, and some more expensive brands even has night vision mode. You can also decide if you're going for the hard-wired or wireless cameras. Hard-wired cameras are less expensive but you might have a problem moving them to the certain areas of the house or office for you will need to rewire and reinstall. They are also more prone to detection. On the other hand, hidden camera cannot intimidate burglars because they are not aware of it.

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